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45612222950268 this is how to get shadow

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Q: What are the cheat codes of sonic smash brothers?
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How do you unlock everyone on sonic smash brothers?

cheat codes

Cheat codes in sonic smash brothers?

You question doesn't even make sense. At least learn the game's name.

Where is the cheat codes for sonic smash brothers beta?

in the code box type upoverandgone with no spaces and youl have all the characters

How do you get to the cheat codes area in sonic smash bro?

Nobody Cares......

What is the cheat code to unlock everyone in sonic smash brothers?

the code is upoverandgone

What is the cheat codes for sonic XS?

sonic xs cheat codes

How do you unlock blast in sonic smash brother?

There is no such thing as Sonic Smash Brothers.

Has Sonic Smash Brothers 2 come out yet?

I don't think sonic smash brothers 2 is coming out.

Give you the sonic RPG 8 codes?

no.please talk to your friends or other members. i give only guide for smash brothers. For sonic rpg 8, you don't need cheat codes. Just click on the scene you want. {No, for the final 2 scenes for each sonic RPG episode, you need a code to get to them on the scene select.}

Which one in super sonic smash brothers can throw fire?

Blaze Can Throw Fire In Super Sonic Smash Brothers.

How Can you Unlock Super Sonic In Sonic Smash Brothers?

You don't unlock him! If you unlock Sonic and play as him, Super Sonic is his final smash.

How do you cheat in sonic smash brothers?

At the main menu, you hold down the INSERT button on your keyboard, then click on the words "Main Menu."