How fast can sonic the hedghog run?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In the game Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing if you check Sonic's profile it defines exactly how fast he can run.

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Q: How fast can sonic the hedghog run?
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Who was sonic the hedghog?

sonic is created by SEGA and sonic team makes the games. sonic is a blue hedgehog that can run really fast. he has tons of friends and he always beats eggman

Is sonic the hedghog fast?

Yeah!!!! He runs at the speed of sound!

When Sonic the hedghog came out?


Will they ever put sonia the hedghog or manic the hedghog in any sonic games?

Sadly no

Is silver playable in sonic generations?

no he is not. he is only in sonic the hedghog 2006

Which sonic game did silver the hedghog appears?

sonic the hedgehog 2006

Who create sonic the hedghog?

Yuji Naka

Is there a demo for sonic the hedghog 2006 for PC?


Is sonic the hedghog cool?

omg YEAH!

Are Silver the Hedghog and Sonic the Hedgehog brothers?


When is sonic the hedghog's birthday?

June 23rd.

Was silver the hedghog in sonic heroes?

No he wasn't