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Sonic Adventure DX is a popular game across many platforms. It is possible to use Action Replay codes in the game to do various different cheats.

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Q: Sonic Adventure DX action replay codes?
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Where do you put codes for sonic adventure 2 battle?

Action replay

All chao action replay codes for sonic adventure 2 battle?

the great brownie

Are there any action replay codes for sonic adventure 2 battle for Europe?

search "sa2b ar codes europe" and should be first result dont have link sorry

Cheat to get 180 emblem for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle?

There is no cheat, but Action Replay might have codes that helps you get all 180 emblems easier.

What cheat codes are there for Sonic Unleashed?

There are no cheats for Sonic Unleashed unless you have an action replay or something similar.

Lots of Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games video game cheat codes with Action Replay?

yes there is action replay codes just look it up on

Can I use the maxconvert v0 71 to convert GameCube Action Replay Max codes for Sonic Heroes into PlayStation 2 Action Replay Max codes for Sonic Heroes?

Probably not as they are of two different consoles and will require different codes to play.

How do you Hack Sonic Adventure 2 battle without Action Replay?

To hack Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, you need to buy Action Replay. Hook up action replay to your gamecube and put in ar codes. Codes are found on the internet. Hacking Sonic Adventure DX is a different story. First buy the PC game or download the demo found online(I bought mine). Then you download the mods found online and then copy and replace them into the system folder found near the "sonic.exe". I do not mean to be lazy, but tutorials found on hacking sadx and sa2b are easily found on youtube!

Can you type in codes on Sonic Riders?

Not without having an Action Replay of some kind.

Sonic Adventure DX chao hack?

Get a Gameshark or an Action Replay and hack it via codes. if you are playing the PC version get sadx memory editor if you are on the gamecube version i can't help you

How do you get action replay codes for sonic mega collection?

Google it somthing is bound to come up.

What are some sonic classic collection Action Replay codes?

there is...but i'ts only for the European version