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ampharos, meganium, entei, raikou, typhlosion and ludicolo are all options

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Q: Pokemon that can learn flash and rock climb?
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In Pokemon platinum do you now what Pokemon can learn rock climb?

all the beginners can learn rock climb

Can geodude learn rock climb Pokemon platinum?

Geodude cannot learn rock climb.

Where can you learn rockclimb on Pokemon Sapphire?

There is no rock climb in pokemon saphire, but there is a rock climb in pokemon diamond and pearl.

What Pokemon can learn to rock climb?

Most ground type Pokemon can learn it

How do you climb in Pokemon Diamond?

Rock Climb Any Pokemon Can Learn It If It Says "ABLE"

What Pokemon can learn rock climb in Pokemon heart gold?

a lot of Pokemon can learn the move rock climb here are good Pokemon that should have rock climb Ursaring because it can also learn other mountain moves like rock smash machoke just like ursaring is a mountain dude geodude and its evolutions well mostly rock Pokemon hope i helped!

What Pokemon can learn Rock Climb?

A lot.VenusaurBlastoiseSandshrewSandslashNidoqueenNidokingGolduckMankeyPrimeapeArcaninePoliwrathMachopMachokeMachampGeodudeGravelerGolemOnixCuboneMarowakHitmonleeHitmonchanLickitungRhyhornRhydonChanseyKangaskhanElectabuzzMagmarPinsirTaurosOmastarKabutopsSnorlaxMewtwoMewMeganiumTyphlosionFeraligatrAmpharosSteelixGranbullUrsaringBlisseyRaikouEnteiSuicuneTyranitarSceptileBlazikenSwampertLudicoloVigorothSlakingExploudMakuhitaHariyamaAggronZangooseRegirockRegiceRegisteelGroudonTurtwigGrotleTorterraChimcharMonfernoInfernapeEmpoleonBibarelCranidosRampardosGibleGabiteGarchompMunchlaxLucarioDrapionCroagunkToxicroakAbomasnowLickilickyRhyperiorElectivireMagmortarMamoswineHeatranRegigigasGiratinaDarkraiArceus

What types of Pokemon can learn rock climb?

Many Types, but Rock and Ground in particular.

How do you learn the move rock scale in Pokemon soul silver?

You mean Rock Climb. Rock Climb was an HM in DPPt, but now it's not, so the only way Pokemon can learn it is by trading one over or by level.

Can't get hm slave in Pokemon Pearl?

machop is a good hm slave. he can learn rock smash, rock climb, strengh,. in Pokemon emerald nincada is a good hm slave but in Pokemon pearl flash is not an hm. any water type can learn waterfal or surf espacially palkia.

What Pokemon can learn flash and rock smash in Pokemon sapphire?

Nincada is a fantastic Pokemon to use these moves on. Not only can it learn Flash and Rock Smash, but also Cut, Dig, and Secret Power which are all moves that are required later on.

Can chingling learn the move rock climb in Pokemon platinum?

chingling can't learn any hms.