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you go east to go to fortree city

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Q: Pokemon ruby what do you do after you shut off the generator in new marvel city?
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Where do you find the third gym leader in Pokemon ruby after you turn off the generator?

Mauville City But you have to beat the city's gym leader before you can turn off the generator in New Mauville City

How do you turn off the generator in new mauville in Pokemon ruby?

step on a button in front of the generator

Is there a retazo city in Pokemon ruby?

There is not a retazo city in ruby.

Were is the day-care in Pokemon Ruby?

the daycare in Pokemon ruby is between verdanturf city and mauville city

How do you get to mossdeep city in Pokemon Ruby?

you have to

What city is Kyogre in Pokemon Ruby?

There is no city called Kyogre he is a legendarie pokemon.

Which city is Juan in on Pokemon ruby?

Sootopolis city.

Which city is Flannery in Pokemon ruby?

Flannery is in lavaridge town in ruby

Where is the Pokemon league in Pokemon Ruby?

On Ever Grande City

Where is the day care in Pokemon Ruby?

The Day Care in Pokemon Ruby is on the route West of Mauville City.

Where are the gyms in Pokemon Ruby?

they are in every city they are in every city

Where do you get timerballs on Pokemon ruby?

in rustboro city