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it depends what team of Pokemon you have

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Q: Pokemon platinum should i change my team?
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What Pokemon team should you use for the elite four platinum?

Pikachu's team

Pokemon platinum what team should you use for 1st gym?

you should use water type Pokemon

Is my Pokemon team 'good' for platinum?

whats your team

What is the best team for Pokemon platinum without legendary's and what moves they should have?

Well that is up to you :P

What grass Pokemon should be on your team in Pokemon platinum?

Well their aren't a lot grass type they only have cherubi bedew totters

How do you change Pokemon in Pokemon Vortex?

If you mean change what's in your party, under the "Your Account" tab, go to "Your Pokemon Team". You should see a link near the top that says "Change the Pokemon in your team" :)

What is a perfect team for Pokemon platinum?

There is no such thing as a perfect team

Is there team rocket in Pokemon platinum?

No, instead there is a Team Galactic.

What pokemon should you use in Pokemon Platinum?

The best team in pokemon platinum is an Infernape, Staraptor, Luxray [third evolution of Shinx], Floatzel, Bibarel [make it learn all four moves as HMs] and Giratina.

Can you join Team Galactic on Pokemon Platinum?


How do you get though team plasma in valley windworks in Pokemon platum?

there is no team plasma in pokemon platinum I think it was team galactic

What Pokemon should you add to your team without having to trade your team is Dewgong Dragonite Zapdos Houndoom Torterra?

You Should get an electric or rock Pokemon. Maybe Pickachu or Richu. Since theres not alot of Electric Pokemon in Platinum. You can get Graveler which is rock to or Onix.