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fish for a long time with a super rod in resort area and it will come out. p.s to the swimmer it is a monster!

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Q: Pokemon platinum how to get the level 100 Magikarp?
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What is the Pokemon that is in the resort area in Pokemon platinum?

It's a level 100 Magikarp.

What is the monster in the lake in Resort Area in Pokemon platinum?

It is a level 100 magikarp.

What is the strongest level a wild Pokemon can be in Pokemon Platinum without Action Replay?

The strongest Pokemon I met is a 100 lvl Magikarp in Resort Area(I call it King Magikarp :D )

What is the ruler of the area on platinum?

It is a level 100 Magikarp.

What Pokemon is in the resort area in Pokemon Platinum?

If I am not mistaken it is a level 100 magikarp I havent found anything higher than a level 89 though, but the only thing you can catch in the pond is magikarp so... yea

How do you get a level 100 Magikarp?

In Pokemon Platinum, go to the Resort Area (South of Route 229) and use the Super Rod in the pond by your villa. There's a small chance you can get a rare, wild level 100 Magikarp. (The level ranges from 1 to 100.)

What is the highest level Pokemon to catch in Pokemon platinum?

Arceus is level 80. If you dont count him then the lv 100 magikarp. If I recall correctly, then you can catch a lv. 1-100 Regigigas

What Pokemon is in the resort area in the water in platinum?

There are only Magikarps' in the water at the resort area. If you use a Super Rod, you can hook a Level 100 Magikarp. A level 100 Magikarp can never evolve into a Gyarados because.... its at level 100 unless you use a hack.

Is there a action replay code for a level 100 shiny Magikarp?

Your best bet would be to use the "all Pokemon shiny" code for your game then go fishing in the Resort Area for the level 100 Magikarp that can be caught there. In Platinum, that is.

Is there a rare Pokemon in the water at 'your villa' in Pokemon platinum?

no,it is just a high level magikarp that actually attacks with the move flail. U may find a magikarp level 100. Me and my cousin foun one at level 90. hope i helped :D :)

What is the worst Pokemon at level 100?

mostly magikarp

Where to find level 100 Pokemon in platinum with out cheats?

There's a lvl 100 magikarp in the resort area pond (requires super rod). However its very rare!