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My advice is based on the following:

A) You are not using cheats that give you infinite access to any Pokemon/items.

B) You don't have the luxury of trading for new Pokemon.

C) You are attempting to defeat the Elite 4 for the very first time.

D) The majority of your team consists of Pokemon level 50 or lower. At level 60 or higher it becomes much less important to carefully plan a set.

First off, use your starter Pokemon. They have excellent stats and fantastic move pools. I would suggest using Infernape; he can single-handedly take down Aaron's entire team due to its heavy fire weakness and Drapion's low Special Attack Defense. In addition, his Fight abilities put him in a solid position to take out nearly half of the remaining Pokemon for the remaining 4 battles. i gamerfreak also think infernape is a good choice but i also say you could use empoleon for flints fire team your only disadvantage is infernape because it knows mach punch and i think 1 electric type move

If you purchase "Grass Knot" (TM86) from the Veilstone Department Store for $5,500 it makes a fantastic compliment to Infernape's moveset. With it he will be capable of knocking out most of the Pokemon in the Elite 4 single-handedly.

Garchomp is a solid second choice due to his ability to take rock and ground attacks which are rampant and pose the biggest threat to Infernape. He has great stats and a terrific moveset, covering dragon-types as well. Access to the move "Crunch" gives him anti-Psychic options. If you picked up Earthquake, give it to Garchomp.

Gyarados is my recommendation for a third, despite suggestions for Abomasnow and Gastrodon. His statistics are far, far superior plus Abomasnow's and Gastrodon's coverage is already well taken care of by these three already. Gyara has access to Ice Fang, Dragon Dance, and give him Waterfall to serve as a Water skill (Hydro Pump misses far too often). My only caution is his weakness to Electric attacks that Medicham, Infernape, and Drifblim possess.

Dialga is a good choice due to his excessively high stats and access to high-damage moves right off the bat. His type weaknesses aren't strong overall against the 5 trainers but he will be able to absorb a number of damaging moves despite this. Purchasing Thunder from Veilstone makes him MUCH more competitive against the Elite 4, so I strongly recommend buying it.

Your last two are almost completely up to you.

A Grass type would be a great choice, such as Roserade. Sludge Bomb, Toxic, or Toxic Spikes are a must to assist in damage. Giga Drain or Ingrain are also important due to Roserade's unexceptional defenses.

Lucario or Weavile would round the team out quite well. Both have excellent attack and speed stats, terrific move pools, and take out some of the more difficult Pokemon you encounter in the Elite 4.

The benefit of having this team is that it will also set you up better for late game play, leaving good options to add Azelf/Uxie/Mespirit if you so desire, Giratina is a fantastic addition, and if you didn't choose Infernape then Heatran would fill the gap nicely.

With the help of some Hyper Potions and Revives I was able to defeat all 5 trainers with 5 out of 6 Pokemon being sub-50. In fact, two weren't even level 40.


I greatly recommend to take abomasnow, since it is both grass and ice, both good to battle Bertha's ground Pokemon, and ice is good to counter Aaron's bug Pokemon. Cynthia is almost too easy with abomasnow. garchomp has got a double weakness to ice, and her roserade is too weak to ice. To top all of that, gastrodon is double weak to grass, and milotic also has a weakness to grass. And because spiritomb isn't weak to anything, abomasnow is the ultimate weapon against the elite 4, since it can practically solo Aaron, Bertha AND Cynthia. The downside is, abomasnow has got a double weakness to fire, so he will go down in one shot of one of Flint's Pokemon.

Another good choice is honchkrow, because it is flying and dark, so he is usefull against Lucian and Aaron.

Next up is gastrodon, it can beat Bertha Pokemon well with it's water attacks, Flint with it's ground attacks and even Aaron with it's ice attacks (yes it can learn ice attacks!).

Well, you will want to bring your starter Pokemon, because the starter Pokemon are strong, so they can fend off any opponent that is neutral to their type. Infernape can battle Aaron well, and Cynthia's lucario too. Torterra can beat bertha and Cynthia's milotic and gastrodon, and enpoleon can beat Bertha, but he has got a weakness to ground too, so make sure you make it a quick fight, and he can also fend off Flint.

By the way, I like Infernape the best, since he can learn fighting moves too, which makes him very useful. The next part, about why to pick garchomp instead of dialga is based on the fact that you pick Infernape. (If you don't pick him, with torterra and dialga you would have three Pokemon weak to ground, and if you pick enpoleon and dialga you will have four Pokemon weak to fighting and three weak to ground.)

Strangely enough, dialga isn't a good choice as it will make 3 of your Pokemon weak to fighting and ground moves, so you should pick garchomp. It may seem strange to go for a non-legendary Pokemon, but it is the best choice if you don't want to suffer from ground and fighting Pokemon.

Well, last but not least, get a lucario. lucario can learn loads of good fighting moves, togather with dragon pulse at level 47, he is a good weapon against normal, ground, rock and dragon Pokemon.

For those who really don't know how to teach their Pokemon good moves, here comes a move build:


Avalanche (Snowpoint Gym)


Wood Hammer

Rock Tomb (Deserted Escape Path (Cave north of Jubilife City))


Focus Punch (Oreburgh Gate (Cave from where you enter Oreburgh City))

Flare Blitz

Blast Burn/Fire Blast* (Ultimate move guy/Lake Verity*)

Rock Slide (Mt. Coronet)


Muddy Water

Earthquake (Wayward Cave Secret Entrance)

Sludge Bomb (Team Galaxy Warehouse)

Ice Beam (Route 216)


Dark Pulse

Night Slash

Steel wing (Route 209)

Aerial Ace (Route 213)


Flamethrower (Arcade for 10000 tokens)

Dragon Claw

Stone Edge/Shadow Claw* (Fight Area with 64 battle points/Hearthome Gym*)



Aura Sphere

Dragon Pulse

Water Pulse (Deserted Escape Path (Cave north of Jubilife City))

Shadow Ball (Route 210)

If there is something behind a move that is the location on where to find that TM. Some can't be found before the elite 4, so I have put another move there, with a * to mark it.

So a good team would be: Abomasnow, Honchkrow, Gastrodon, Infernape, Garchomp and Lucario.

I know that some of these Pokemon, such as Garchomp, Lucario and Honchkrow will take some time and stuff to get, but this team is worth it, trust

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Q: Pokemon diamond best elite four team?
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