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First Elite Four member is Aaron, who uses Bug Type.

The first Pokemon he uses is Dustox.

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Q: What is the first Pokemon at the elite four in diamond?
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What level is the elite fours Pokemon when you verse them first in Pokemon Diamond?

The Elite Fours Pokemon are all in their 50s. The Champion at the end of the Elite Four has 60s though.

How do you get the Pokemon paras in diamond?

By first beating the elite four then by going to the great marsh.

How do you find out how many times you be the Elite Four in Pokemon Diamond?

You can find out how many times you have beaten the Elite Four in Pokemon Diamond by checking your PC in the game.

How do you defeat Pokemon diamond?

defeat the elite four

What trainer has a machamp on Pokemon Diamond?

it is the elite four

Who is Cynthia in Pokemon Diamond?

The champion in the Elite Four.

What do you do after the elite four in Pokemon diamond?

nation pokedex

What Pokemon do you need to beat the Elite Four in Pokemon Diamond?


How do you deafeat the elite four on Pokemon diamond?

kill the elite 4 noob

Where is the elite four diamond?

In the Pokemon games, the Elite Four are kind of the final boss to the games. In every game (including Pokemon Diamond) you will find them at the end of Victory Road.

What is the level of the elite four's Pokemon the second time in Pokemon diamond?

the same

Is there a second elite four in Pokemon diamond?

no, there is only one