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you find it in mount silver when you've beat trainer Red 3 times

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Q: Pokemon Heart Gold where do you find TM 17 protect?
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How do you find the white orb in pokemon heart gold?

It attracts a ledendary pokemon.

Where do you find Mew in Pokemon Heart Gold?

curmen cave

How do you find out were the medicine in Pokemon SoulSilver?

this is also for heart gold

Where to find haunter in Pokemon Heart Gold?

evolve gastly.

Where can you find a heart scale on Pokemon heart gold?

you have to use hm rock smash on rocks to find them.

Where do you find water types in Pokemon heart gold?

You can find them by surfing and fishing.

On Pokemon soul silver version were do you find the golden feather?

pokemon heart gold

What legendary Pokemon can you find on Pokemon Heart Gold?

Well I do have the game. I did see suicune in it.

Where can you find info on Pokemon HeartGold?

you can find information on Pokemon heart gold and soul silver on this website

Where can you find misty in Pokemon Heart Gold?

On the bride on route 25

When you kill roming Pokemon on heart gold where do you find them again?

You don't

Where do you find the last gym leader in Pokemon heart gold?

In her Gym