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just run in the grass

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Q: How do you find a shiny noctowl on Pokemon heart gold?
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Pokemon platinum how to get shiny nocktowl without cheats?

Keep walking around where you see Noctowl. Eventually, and VERY rarely, you will find a Shiny Noctowl. The PokeRadar helps, too. If the grass is shiny while using it, it's a shiny.

How do you find a shiny noctowl?

The same way you find any shiny pokemon, either constantly run back and forth in grass that you want to encounter as a shiny, or constantly breed the pokemon until you hatch a shiny.

Where can you get a shiny noctowl in Pokemon Soul Silver?

it depends the game you have, but if you have pearl or probably any other pokemon game go to the pokedex and look for the pokemon if you find it click on it and go to the part of the map there it tells you if its found or not

Where do you find noctowl in Pokemon Yellow?

Noctowl doesnt exist in Pokemon yellow, blue, or red

How do you find a shiny noctowl easly?

Get a action replay and and go to codejunkies

How do you find a shiny noctowl easly in Pokemon diamond?

There is no easy way to find a shiny...There's a 1 in 1,500(or higher)that it'll be a shiny.The only 100% to get a shiny is to hack the game or cheat with Action Replay.You'll need the "Wild Pokemon Are Shiny Code" for the Action Replay.Action Replays are sold at video game stores and cost $20 to $ least that was the price when I bought mine.

Where to find a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon heart gold?

It's the same as the other game's shiny's are very hard to find just keep looking ok good luck

Where do you find Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

You can find shiny Pokemon randomly through out the game.

Pokemon Blue sea where can you find shiny Pokemon?

You can get shiny Pokemon everywhere.

How do you get a shiny Pokemon in black without an action replay?

You just have to keep finding pokemon and eventually you will find a shiny. The chance of encountering a shiny pokemon is very low, but eventually you will find an shiny pokemon.

How do you find a shiny Pokemon on Pokemon indigo?

you can only find a shiny like 1 out of 1356.73

What is the best route to find a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon White 2?

There is no best route in Pokemon White 2 to find shiny Pokemon, because you have the same chance to find a shiny Pokemon on every route in the game.