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You have a 1/8000 chances to see any shiny Pokemon find an area where you can find Aron alot and wait until its shiny then catch it.

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Q: How do you get a shiny Aron in Pokemon sapphire?
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When does aron evolve in Pokemon Sapphire?

Aron evolves at Level 32 in Pokémon Sapphire.

What level does aron evolve at in pokemon sapphire?

Aron evolves at level 32 into lairon .

Is a red eyed Aron special in Pokemon emerald?

its a shiny Pokemon

When does aron evolve on Pokemon sapphire?

Aron will most likely evolve at level 23 unless paralyzed

How can you get a shiny stone in Pokemon Sapphire?

youcan not get shinys on Sapphire

What do shiny Pokemon look like in sapphire?

What do you think... SHINY!!!!

Where do you find Aron's in Pokemon shiny gold x?

in caves mainly,

Where can you find an aron in Pokemon?

In ruby, sapphire and emerald, look in granite cave,

Where do you catch a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire?

its completely random

Shiny Swablu in Pokemon Sapphire?

its red and has black

How do you get shiny Pokemon easily in Pokemon Sapphire?

The odds of running into a shiny Pokemon in Sapphire are 1 to 8192, there is no discovered way to catch a shiny Pokemon more easily... however if you trade Pokemon with a foreign Pokemon version i.e. American and Japanese, and then make an egg with that Pokemon, the chances of getting a shiny egg quadruple to 1 in 2048.

If you're trying for a shiny starter Pokemon in Pokemon sapphire will it show if it's shiny on the preview?

i think so.