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It learns Flamethrower at level 34.

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Q: Pokemon FireRed what level does Charmeleon learn flamethrower?
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Can Mewtwo learn Flamethrower in Pokemon Firered?

Yes, by TM35.

How do you get flamethrower in Pokemon LeafGreen?

In leaf green, you can learn flamethrower somewhere between levels 35 through 40. You can do this with a charmeleon/charizard. I'm not sure about other pokemon, though.

Is there another way to get flamthower in Pokemon firered?

I don't think there is a TM for it but you can get a Charizard, it will learn flamethrower, then breed that Pokemon with a Ditto, then that charmander should know flamethrower.

What level does charmeleon learn flamethrower?

at level 34 35 or 36

What level does Charmander learn flamethrower?

It takes a long time. You can either teach it a TM move flamethrower, breed a charmander, charmeleon or charizard with another Pokemon from the same group as it which knows flamethrower, or level up charmander to lv 32.

Can Palkia learn flamethrower in Pokemon pearl?

Palkia can learn flamethrower with a TM otherwise NO

What level can houndour learn flamethrower in Pokemon platinum?

Houndour will learn flamethrower at level 48

Pokemon platinum How do you get flamethrower?

You only can learn flamethrower if you have a fire-type pokemon. Look for TM35.

What moves does Charizard learn in Pokemon firered?

I don't know all but slash flamethrower I think fire spin heat wave wing attack blast burn

When does Houndoom learn Flamethrower in Pokemon Platinum?

Houndoom learns Flamethrower at lvl 48.

When does vulpix learn flamethrower in Pokemon Yellow?

Vulpix learns Flamethrower at level 35.

What level does Charmeleon evolve in Pokemon diamond?

charmeleon evolves at level 36 into charizard then tries to learn wing attack