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Q: On wizard101 when you hatch an egg with your own pets do you get to keep the adult pets?
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Can pets have babies in wizard101?

technically yes pets can have babies if you hatch 2 pets together

Can you hatch a hybrid pet with krokotillian wizard101?

Yea you can hatch a pet on wizard101 with any 2 pets.

What does it mean to hatch a pet together on wizard101?

mix the two pets you have into a awesome pet but you need alot of gold

How do you combine pets on wizard101?

You'll need two adult pets or have one adult pet and a friend wizard also having an adult pet. Just run to one of the open circle things in the hatchery, and when the timer expires you will be able to combine your eggs to hatch them. If you have enough money to afford it, the egg will combine and you'll receive a new egg.

Where do you get deadly nightwalker on wizard101?

It's a hybrid of first gen wraith and first gen Orthrus. Hatch with those two pets or find someone with DEadly Nightwalker and hatch with them.

Do you have to be a member to get pets on wizard101?


How do you fight with pets on wizard101?

for right now we can't fight with pets you can only race them with other pets

Where do you get talents for your pets in wizard101?

You have to train them in the Pet Pavillion. When they level up (teen, adult, ancient etc.) they will get new talents. Which talent you get is pretty much random though.

How do you get pets in grizzlheim on wizard101?

Sadly, there are none yet. Mabe in the future they'll have some. Wizard101 is always changing.

What are dragon in wizard101 used for?

There are dragon pets and dragon mounts in Wizard101. Some of the pets might come with a special card that has a spell. The mounts are for you to ride, and you can get around the world much faster.

What are the pets you can breed from a judgment on wizard101?

an astral judge an a fiery judge

Where do you race pets in wizard101?

At the Pet Derby podium in the Pet Pavilion