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You can't buy an adult pet. but you can adopt one from pet trader. its a white hospital shaped building at the bottom of the happy pets screen, when you find a pet on there you click adopt and then wait 24 hours to receive it for free. or using facebook credits you can get it instantly

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Q: How do you buy an adult Pet on happy pets?
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Where can you get food on happy pets?

You can either get it from your friends or buy it yourself at the pet store

How do you get giant pets on happy pets?

Ether pay real money to buy the big pets or breed with a neighbor that has a giant pet and hope for giant babies. Also you can get giant pets from your neighbors if they put them in the pet trader, however you can't tell if they're big or not so it's a gamble.

How do you buy insta grow on happy pets facebook?

how do you do insta grow on happy pets

Where can you buy go go pets?

You can go buy a pet at your local pet store.

How do you get facebook money in happy pets?

you click on the pet or object you may want and then a page saying buy you're own money will appear then you can buy the money on a credit card

Does pets mart rent hamsters?

Pet stores, including Pet Smart, do not rent out pets. You can only buy them.

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What is Pet Pet Park?

Pet Pet Park is in Neopets world where your Neopets can play and buy their own pets.

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How do you buy a pet on sims 2 pets on Nintendo wii?

You can Adopt a pet from the pound.

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