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No, you can't kill it but you can sell it at Town Square. You can also buy new pets there.

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Q: Can you kill or give away or pet on Sims 2 Pets Wii?
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How do you kill sims on sims 2 pets ps2?

You have to trap them in a room, without a door. & they will die of hunger...

How do you kill a Sim on Sims 2 pets for the Wii?

A: you leave it in the pool for to long you dont feed it or other things that would kill you

How can you give up a kid on sims life stories?

kill it

How can you kll a sim on sims 2 ps2 version?

First, why would you want to kill a sim? But, all you have to do is starve them, dont let them have any sleep, dont give them any hygine....... well, just build a room with four walls, and have nothing in there but the sim. And they will die.

Is it possible to have an all-pets family without any humans owning them on the sims 3?

No, not from making it in create a sim, but you could create a household with one sim and lots of pets, move them in a house and kill them. (google ways of killing sims if you don't know)

Does the grim reaper come when you kill your sim on sims 2 pets?

Yes, the Grim Reaper always comes when a Sim dies.

All cheats for sims?

Sims 1; PCrosemary - money cheat, 1,000 simoleonsageoff - stop the age prosess.llamakid - give birth to llamasSims 2; PCmotherlode - 50,000 dollarsfamilyfunds (familylastnameherenobrackets) (nobracketamountofmoneyyouwanthere) - Choose how much money your sims will permanently havellamaride - ride llamas instead of horses (Sims 2 Pets)Ageoff - stop the age prosess.possessionson - have your sim posessed and you need to have an exorcisim ( sims 2 nightlife or sims 2 pets or sims 2 apartment life)Newborndie - kill all new borns (babies/toddlers) in the whole neighborhood (sims 2 and 3 generations)Sims 3; PC-All the cheats for the sims 2 work on the sims 3-HOPE THIS HELPED HOMIE G

Can your pet kill you in the sims 3 pets?

I dont think it's possible for your pets to attack/kill your sim. but I could be wrong,i've tryed searching but found nothing. try different ways it might happen, you could be the first person to found it out :)

If you give your cats away to the shelter will they kill them?

It depends on the shelter, if its a no-kill shelter, then your cats are fine, but you shouldn't get cats if your just going to give them away

Can one Sim kill another Sim in The Sims 2 Season?

No, Sims can not kill each other only the player (you) can kill Sims.

In the first sims deluxe can you kill your sims?

Yes, put them in a pool and take away the ladder. Or set them on fire by getting them to light the fire of a very unsafe fireplace. :)

How do you kill a ghost on sims 3 for Wii?

Pick up the grave the time there not there. then set it far away from your lot