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go to your house and place your egg inside, as if it were an item e.g. sofa. Click the egg and click hatch

please follow me: Phoebeeez

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Q: How do you hatch your pets on Movie Star Planet?
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How do you get pets out of boxes movie star planet?

how do you get a pet out of its box on movie star planet

How do you get free pets on Movie Star Planet and where does it say pets?

You get star coins :I

How do you walk pets on Movie Star Planet?

go somewhere der

How do you get pets for free on Movie Star Planet?

Sorry you have to buy one

Do you get to keep your VIP pets on movie star planet if your VIP membership expires?


Do you have to be a vip on Movie Star Planet to get a pet?

No, there are some that arent vip boonies and pets

How Can You Get One Million Star Coins In Movie Star Planet?

go to highscores on movie star planet and click on pets when your on it click on the owner and go to the thier house and click on the pets when you click on the pet it will have a love thing click on it do it all the time thx add me plz memedollbaby ok bye

Where to find your pets on Movie Star Planet?

you have to be a member (VIP) that is all i have got to say thank you1

Can you trade pets on Movie Star Planet?

No.I'm afraid that is not possible... Well unless you own MovieStarPlanet.

How do you give away your pet in Movie Star Planet?

Movie Star Planet is a super cute online game where you can get pets to take care of, virtually. There are no instructions on how to give a pet away once you obtain it though.

Why can't you trade pets on Movie Star Planet?

I dunnoyoucantgift them either which I think is a bummer because my friend wanted to give me four of her pets and she couldn't!

How do you trade on movie star planet?

You Can't Trade Pets On Moviestarplanet. Only Clothes And House Hold Items. Sorry!