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There are no Master Balls on the SS Aqua in trash cans in Pokemon Gold. A Master Ball is a rare Pokeball obtained from an in-game event.

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Q: On ss Aqua is there master balls in the trash cans in Pokemon gold?
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Where are master balls on Pokemon emerald?

there is only one and its in the team aqua hideout

Where are the locations of master balls on Pokemon sapphire?

your get from team aqua or team magma i think

Where can you get a master ball in Pokemon emerald?

you can get a master ball in the team aqua hideout. Its in a room with four poke-balls.

Where are master balls in Pokemon emerald?

aqua hide out or lilycove department store lottery top prize

Were do you find master balls in Pokemon emerald?

There is only one in the game, at Aqua Hideout in Lilycove City.

How do you get 4 master balls in Pokemon sapphire?

get 1 in the aqua bace and win the loterry 3 times

How do you get fast master balls in Pokemon sapphire?

im sorry you cant, you just get one at team aqua hideout

How do you get masterballs on pokemon saphire?

You can get Master ball at where the Team Aqua hide out is. You should be able to get into a room with for item balls. the two in the front is Pokemon the two at the back is a master ball and nugget.

How do you get 99 master balls in Pokemon emerold?

get the first master ball from aqua's hideout outside of lilycove.. and then use the "cloning" glitch available in any emerald version :)

How do you get master balls in Pokemon Ruby?

there's 1 master ball at team mamga/aqua hideout theres 2 elerides and 1 master maybe even 2 if ur lucky

How do you catch electrode at the aqua base in Pokemon emerald?

it is at the end where the 4 poke balls are in the office, with i think a nugget, a master ball and electrode's :)

Where do you get master balls in ruby version?

you find it in the team aqua hideout