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Well, start out with making an "exit-enabled" pipe. Assign it a secondary exit # using "Add/Modify/Delete Screen Exits". On the scroll-down, select the screen # the pipe is on that you have put in. Assign a # in the next box (we'll call that #X). Check the next box saying "use the above value as a secondary exit value".

Next, go to "Modify Secondary entrances". Use the first scroll down here to select #X (mentioned above). Put the level you are warping to in the next box. Next box, the screen it's on. I'm assuming you know how to position Mario for the entrance, so I'll skip that (but make sure you're putting in the right coordinates for the place you want to warp to!). The rest is pretty self explanatory, or at least, I think so

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Q: On lunar magic how do you make 2 pipes warp in the same level?
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To record your own moves for Mario, yes. You must record a "movie" of your playing in ZSNES; this "movie" is actually a recording of the keypresses you make. Then, you must import the movie file into Lunar Magic. Lunar Magic will convert the "movie" into the code used in the Super Mario World game to control Mario's title screen actions.

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