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Super Mario brothers

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Q: How do you make pipes in super Mario flash 2 level editor?
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Is using the warp pipes in original Super Mario Bros considered Cheating?

Not really. Cheating would be if you hacked it, but because Nintendo specifically put the warp pipes in there, it would be more of a fun little secret.

Why is Mario Italian?

Well Mario is Italian pretty much because that's the way the creator of him wanted him to be. Mario is an Italian name and he also has some Italian features so he has to be Italian.Fun FactThe Mario Bros' are Italian plumbers, as back in roman times (when Italy was commanded by the Romans) pipes for carrying water were made from plumbum, which is lead (Pb). This obviously caused a lot of sickness as lead is a heavy metal, and is poisonous.

Why is Mario a plumber?

Mario first appeared in the arcade Mario Bros where he cleaned pipes from crabs, koopas, and other goons. This was also a mini-game in Super Mario Bros 3. Although he is featured in Donkey Kong for NES, in the original Donkey Kong arcade cabinet the hero was named Jump Man. The change to Mario on the NES version was made to sell units based on recognition. Super Mario Bros uses a very similar design and physics to the original Mario Bros so that may be why Nintendo stuck with pipe/plumber theme.

In fallout 3 where are the broken pipes?

There lots of broken pipes in Fallout 3... mind you 200 years ago there was a nuclear war, so a lot of pipes broke. You can find quite a lot in abandoned metro stations.

How do you unlock level 8-7 on new super Mario bros Wii?

To unlock level 8-7 on new super Mario bros wii:1) Go on level 8-22) When you enter the level, go down the first pipe you see.3) When you have gone down the pipe, hit the first ?box.4) Go to one ? box, and then run to the next one directly after it.5) Get to the checkpoint flag, and pass the red ring hoop.6) (On the last brick blocks, hit them and you will find a star power)7) In the next question box, there is an ice flower.8) Jump up on the red, then yellow pipes, and get to the little bridge thing. (Second red one)9) Get on the spinning rock, and go backwards into the green pipe.10) There, you will find coins and spinning flooring.11) Jump up on the last red bridge, and go up the pipe, the furthest to the right on your screen.12) Jump on the red flag, and it will onlock 8 - 7.Basically, all you have to do is complete the level 8 - 2 on the red flag.

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What are the travel pipes in super mario brothers?

Oh the warp pipes there pipes because mario and luigi are plumbers

How do you work out Tim tang level -2?

he eats mushrooms... he throws turtle shells... he jumps down pipes... SUPER MARIO!!! The answer is "mario" wiithout the quotes

Why is Luigi taller?

Since Mario and Luigi are plumbers, they need to unblock pipes. How do they do it? They cram Mario down the pipes to clean them. That's why Mario is shorter than Luigi.

How do you get past the pipes in level 6?

level 6 of what?

How do you play hacks?

for Mario 1 after you jump over the three pipes to kill that goomba jump on the last pipe and hit down arrow. 1st level

How do you go down pipes in super Mario galaxy 2?

Going down pipes is very easy in super Mario galaxy 2 all you have to do is jump on top of it and you will go in.

How do you use Mario's Pipes on Mario Super Sluggers?

you have to hit the ball in the pipe and it appears on the other pipe.

Why are there pipes in Super Mario Bros?

Mario and Luigi were plumbers, so that's probably a reference to their jobs

How do you travel through pipes on Super Mario Galaxy 2?

jump into them

What color are the pipes on Mario?

Usually green, but I have seen other colours...

How do you drain pool pipes?

Bring the level of the pool below the static skimmer level then find the lowest point in your pool pipes and let the water out.

Levels of cellular organization?

on level one in super mario bros it should be very easy all you have to do is jump on some owls and get some power from hitting the bricks and going into some pipes

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