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Type: /house <insert the name of the player>

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Q: On aq worlds how do you go to someones house?
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Where can you get aq worlds?

Aq worlds is free, just go to you play it on your browser

In aq worlds can you still go to Frostvale?


Where can you enhance weapons in AQ worlds?

go to battleon.then go north then right then you will see a house go in and click on the peop le and click on enchantments

How do you becom evil on aq worlds?

go to shadowfall

How do you get to the farm in aq worlds?

go to the greenguard forest

How do you use your house inventory slots in AQ Worlds?

When you buy house items, they will automatically go to your house inventory. You cannot use house inventory slots for anything other then house items.

How do you get to arcangrove on aq worlds?

Go to your map and click on arcangrove.

Where are the wolves in adventure quest worlds?

Gotogreengaurd east and go outside darkvokia and there are to there on aq worlds

Where is a bank in aq worlds?

Go to Battle On north then click on Valencia.

How do you sell a house on aq worlds?

You must first un-equip it,then You go to Centaur 21 and sell it.

How do you eamil veficition on aq worlds?

go to the email account you typed in when you made your account and one of the emails from aq worlds should have something to click on at the bottom of the email to verify your account.

What do you type in the chat box in aq worlds to go somewhere?

/join (then wherever u want to go).