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if you have a guardian account on the normal adventure quest you can verify it on to aq worlds just go onto the main page and go on verify guardian

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Q: How do you you get guardian class in adventure quest worlds?
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What does verifying your guardian account on Adventure Quest do on Adventure Quest Worlds?

You can now get Gaurdian Mech quest and Dragon fable armor in aq worlds now Guardian... but tbrewer3 you didn't answer the question.

When does guardian come out in adventure quest worlds?

You must be a guardian in adventure quest the you vertify it on the homepage and you can buy it in the tower at the gaurdian shop for 10,000.

Where is the guardian tower in adventure quest worlds?

near your hometown

How do you get defender's class in adventure quest worlds?

You Must Have Upgrade Adventure Quest

What does verifying your guardian account on Adventure Quest do on AQ worlds?

It allows you to get an 'Adventure Quest' Guardian armor from the Guardian Tower, both the original (grey and gold) or the color custom one.

Where can you get the vindicator class in adventure quest worlds?

from collection

Where do you get the necromancer class in adventure quest worlds?

in title

Where can you get Yokai Class in adventure quest worlds?

no such thing!

How do you get gaudian armor in aq worlds?

Verify that your a guardian from adventure quest and buy it at the guardian shop at the tower in battleon.

Can you be a member on Aq worlds if you are on adventure quest?

i think not but if you verify you are guardian at aq you can get cool items at guardian shop

Can somebody give you there guardian account to verify it on your adventure quest worlds account?

i guess

Adventure quest worlds how do you get the shadow guardian?

This item is come from necromancer token and the necromancer token is come from necromancer class. You can buy the necromancer class in the enhancements on PTR server. -terror021-