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First you take a 100 level Pokemon make it have sex with Picachu. If that does not work go F*** yourself.

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Q: On Pokemon ruby how does the TM dig work near an indent in the wall?
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What is the small indent in the wall in Pokemon emerald?

A little square in the wall, look on certain routes to find these.

Pokemon Sapphire master ball?

its in the team aqua/team magma (for ruby) hideout near lilycove. the first two are electrode and the second two(the ones near the wall) is a master ball and a nugget.

How do you get Pidgey in Pokemon ruby?

plant shere in wall or ground, and let it grow for a while.

How do you get through the braille wall to Registeel in Pokemon Ruby?

Walk to the middle of the cave and use flash.

How do you make a secret base in Pokemon emerald?

Get the TM secret power teach it to a Pokemon then find either a tree with vines, an indent in the wall or a big bush use secret power on these to create your own secret base.

How do you do the wall hack on Pokemon Ruby?

u hav to pres al the buttons at the same time to hack. hope it works!

Where do you find the ruby LeafGreen?

You get the ruby in one island. You have to beat the Elite 4 and have 60+ Pokemon on your Pokedex,then go to 1 island and battle the 2 team rocket guys.Then you enter in the whole on the wall and reach to the end.The ruby will be there.

What TM is Secret Power in Pokemon emerald?

Secret power is a move that you can use in and outside battle. You can use secret power to create bases in a indent in a wall a big bush or a big tree. You can also use it to attack Pokemon in battle.

How do you get rigirock in Pokemon Ruby?

you go to the middle of writing on the wall move two steps right and 2 steps down and use strength

How do you unlock the caves to the regis in Pokemon ruby?

go to the seald chamber open the wall with dig. then you have to get relicant and a wailord. now read the dots on the wall and a earthqake will appear. now the cave that the regis are open

Where is the magma hideout in Pokemon Ruby?

it is by lilycove go west to the edge of lilycove surf up and there is going to be a cave go in it there you will be in the hideout

Where to find poison jab in Pokemon white?

go under the bridge where the pokemon wi-fi lab is on top and find the tm near the wall