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Larvitar evolves into Pupitar at level 30, then finally into Tyranitar at level 55.

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Q: On Pokemon platinum when does larvitar evolve?
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What level does larvitar evolve on Pokemon platinum?

Level 30

Where can you find Larvitar on Pokemon Platinum?

find a caterpie in eterna forest then level it to level 7 and it will evolve into larvitar

What level does larvitar evolve at on Pokemon platinum?

around lv 30 or so......

How do you get a pupitar in pokemon platinum?

You have to evolve it from a Larvitar. You can get Larvitar by using a PokéRadar at Route 207 with a Rarity of 12% or get it from a swarm at Route 206 with a Rarity of 40%

Where can you find a pupitar in platinum?

easy evolve larvitar.

When does larvitar evolve in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Larvitar evolves at Level 30.

Where in Pokemon platinum larvitar comes in a swarm?

Lots of Pokemon

How do you get the Pokemon tyrannosaur on Pokemon diamond?

use a poke radar in orburg city. catch a larvitar. evolve it 2 times

How do you evolve larvitar on Pokemon platinum?

level it up to 30If u have a larvitar and u wanna evolve it to pupitar get it to lv 30 and if u want the pupitar to evolve to tyranitar like i did get it to lv 55 there that how u evolve them simple as that.use it in battles and and take it out for walks and it should evolve. lol

What level does larvitar evolve in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Larvitar evolves at level 30.

What pokemon does larvitar evolve into?

Larvitar evolves into Pupitar, then tyranitar. Goto Pokemon marriland website, its good for pokemon games.

Where do you get tyranatar in Pokemon platinum?

dawn's sister tells you that in route 206 there are some larvitar and you have to get it to lv 55 so it could evolve into tyranatar.