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how to evolve golbat in platinum.. how to evolve Scyther in platinum. how to evolve electabuzz in platinum. how to evolve magmar in platinum.

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Q: Pokemon Platinum where is a golbat?
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How do you evolve Golbat on Pokemon Platinum?


Pokemon In Turnback cave In Pokemon Platinum?

Giratina haunter golbat

Can golbat evolve before beating the Pokemon league in Pokemon platinum?

Of course it can, golbat evolves into crobat if the friendship between it and u is good.

Pokemon Platinum- how can you catch a Crobat Pokemon?

level up your GOLBAT with high happiness.

How do you get a Crobat in Pokemon Platinum?

level up golbat with high happiness.

What level does golbat evolve at on Pokemon platinum?

Golbat will evolve if it has max friendship with its trainer which means it can evolve at any level.

Where do you find an Crobat Pokemon platinum?

you must train your golbat to maximum happiness

How does budew evolve in Pokemon platinum?

By maximizing its friendship just like golbat

On Pokemon Platinum when does golbat evolve?

golbat evolves into crobat when you max out its happiness and it only evolves in Pokemon emerald, platinum, Sapphire, ruby, diamond, and pearl all other Pokemon games it does not evolve golbat just evolves in the Pokemon games i listed and all other Pokemon games golbat does not have an evolution because crobat didnt exist because game freak (the company that created Pokemon) didnt come out with an evolution of golbat at that time so it only evolves in the 6 Pokemon games i listed

Where do you find a Pokemon that knows mean look in platinum?

Try Golbat. They're everywhere.

How do you catch mesprit Pokemon platinum?

Get Golbat. Learn Mean Look. Dusk Ball.

How does golbat evolve in Pokemon shiny gold x?

You need to make it love you (platinum)

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