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you have to make happiny happy and wait until he takes the oval stone you make pokemkon happy by giving them zinc and things that increase there hp and stuff,you also make them happy by walking withe it and massaging it and leveling it up at day or night sometimes they take a long time to become happy. my riolu got happy and evoplved into lucario. you get happiny wild by Pokemon mansion or egg from hiker in hearthome get riolu from iron island walk through iron island with riley and when you beat galactic grunts riley will give you the egg and you walk 6,391 steps for riolu to hatch.

Hope i helped :)

PS whats your starter!?

i have all three

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Q: On Pokemon pearl what Pokemon evolves with an Oval Stone?
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What Pokemon evolves by a oval stone in Pokemon pearl?

Happinny is the only Pokemon that can evolve with the Oval Stone.

What Pokemon evolves from a oval stone Pokemon platinum?

Happiny evolves into Chansey with an Oval Stone.

In Pokemon diamond what evolves from an oval stone?

Chansey evolves from an Oval Stone.

What Pokemon can evolve from a oval stone in Pokemon pearl?

No Pokemon exactly evolves with it.Happiny though evolves if give it the oval stone and raise it one level in the day time.After it evolves into chansey make it like you alot and it would evolve into blissey

When does happiny evovle Pokemon pearl?

it evolves by holding oval stone and level up in daytime

What pokemon does the oval stone evlove?

The Oval stone evolves Happiny into Chansey.

Who evolves with an oval stone in pokemon platinum?

happini can evolve with a oval stone

Pokemon diamond what Pokemon evolves with an oval stone?

Happiny. You need to make it hold the Oval stone and level it up before it evolves.

What pokemon evolves with the oval stone?


Who evolves with the oval stone in pearl?

Happiny into Cansey...thats it...

What Pokemon can evolve with a oval stone?

Happiny evolves into a Chansey when it levels up holding the Oval Stone during the day.happiny evolves with the oval stone.......... I thinj

Oval stone in evolves what Pokemon?

It will evolve a happiny to a chansey (but if you do that on Pokemon diamond or pearl i don't think you can get another happiny so beware!).