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Level up a Happiny in daytime while it's holding the Oval Stone and it evolves into Chansey.

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Q: What does an oval stone do in Pokemon Soul Silver?
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What Pokemon evolves with a oval stone in soul silver?

Happiny evolves into chansey if you give it the oval stone and level it up during the day, hope i helped

Where can you find a oval stone in Heart Gold and Soul Silver?

You can get it by catching a chancy at route 13

What evolves using a oval stone in soul silver?

Are you trying to get a Chansey? Sounds like it to me! Make your Happiny hold the oval stone AND level it up between 4 am and 8 pm.

What Pokemon evolves by a oval stone in Pokemon pearl?

Happinny is the only Pokemon that can evolve with the Oval Stone.

What Pokemon can you evolve with a oval stone?

The only Pokemon that can be evolved with an Oval stone is a Happiny into a Chancey.

What Pokemon evolves from a oval stone Pokemon platinum?

Happiny evolves into Chansey with an Oval Stone.

Which Pokemon uses an Oval Stone in Pokemon?

Happiny uses the Oval Stone to evolve into Chansey.

Where can chansey be found on Pokemon soul silver?

you can get a Chansey by trading one from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platium. Or by leveling up a Happiny while it holds the Oval stone between 4:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.

What can use a oval stone for on Pokemon Platinum?

The Pokemon that can use oval stone in Pokemon platinum is Happiny. It is the pre evolve form of chansey. Mostly every chansy you catch have a oval stone.

What Pokemon will evolve using a oval stone?

Hapiny + Oval Stone = Chancey

What pokemon does the oval stone evlove?

The Oval stone evolves Happiny into Chansey.

In Pokemon diamond what evolves from an oval stone?

Chansey evolves from an Oval Stone.