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You can't catch a Piplup in the wild, the only way is to choose it as a starter or send it from another D/P/Pt version that chose it as starter. Or if you have an action replay you can use the code steal other players Pokemon and face a girl by the rode to eterna forest that has a piplup and steal her Pokemon. Or if you have the full Pokemon modifier code you can type in the national pokedex number for it and the level you want it and then you can get a piplup. Same with other Pokemon.

P.S. you don't actually steal their Pokemon, you get a copy of it.

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Q: On Pokemon Platinum where can you catch a piplup?
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How do you catch piplup in Pokemon platinum?

You cannot catch Piplup in any game.

Where to catch a piplup in Pokemon platinum?

Piplup is a starter Pokémon so it cannot be caught.

In Pokemon platinum how and you catch turwig and piplup?

You can't. You'll either have to choose turtwig or piplup as your starter, or trade for them via wi-fi.

Pokemon platinum which lake do you cach piplup?

you cant catch piplup on Pokemon platinumif you want to get it you have to: · use ar cheat·start the game again so he could be your starter Pokemon·trade

Where can you find a prinplup in Pokemon platinum?

U can't catch prinplup u only can evolve it from piplup and to get piplup is to cheat or at the start of the game u choose piplup as the starter hope this helped :)

How do you catch chimchar in Pokemon Platinum?

in the begining of the game the profeser will give you three Pokemon and you have to pick one the three Pokemon are chimchar,piplup and turtwig.

Who is best starter in Pokemon platinum?


Who are the starting Pokemon for Pokemon Platinum?

Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup.

What starter Pokemon can you get in Pokemon Platinum?

Chimchar, piplup, and turtwig.

Where in Pokemon SoulSilver can you spot a piplup?

You can't catch a piplup in soulsilver

How do you get piluip in Pokemon?

you get piplup as a starter in Pokemon diamond/pearl/platinum

What are the three stater Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

turtwig,chimchar,and piplup