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If you kill someone and continue without dieing then, it is a kill streak.

In certain kills you have you kill streak which may be set up from 3 to 25.

Most kill streaks counts towards your killstreak, such as pred missile, harriers, pavelows, chopper gunner, etc.

But some don't. When they are from carepackeges, or emergency airdrops, and sentry guns doesn't.

The more kills you get in a row, you are awarded with better kill streaks.

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Q: On MW2 how do kill rewards count in a game?
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On mw2 does the knife kills count as weapon kills?

anything used to kill can count as a kill

In mw2 does a grenade launcher kill count as a hipfire kill?

depends if you hit him with the launcher and up close

Does destroying a uav in mw2 count towards your kill streaks?

No it does not. In order to build up your killstreak, you must kill an enemy player.

How do you get the jugs emblem in mw2?

Get the game winning kill with a Riot Shield.

In mw2 if you fire an RPG without aiming does it count as a hipfire kill?

No, it actually counts as a dickfart or a skeetshot :D

How do you find kill confirmed on mw2?

Mw2 doesn't have kill confirmed.

Why do you get killed on MW2?

because people kill u in online or in a mission and its a game In war why do people kill each other?? :)

How do you get the finishing touch title on mw2?

Get the game winning kill with a Precision Air strike or Harrier Strike.

What levels do you unlock new kill streak rewards for MW2?

well it is on certain ranks, im not too fully sure what are those ranks but if you go to your killstreak then it will tell you how many levels you need to unlock a new kill streak

No kill display when you kill someone in MW2 multilayer?

There probably isn't a kill display because your playing a hardcore game. When you kill someone you will only see a hitmarker. Notice how you don't have a targeter when your hip-firing?

How do you get 5 million xp per kill in mw2?

It is a Hack , obviously , for people with no life

Where do you find a G3 in MW2?

there is no g3 in the game there is one in COD4 not MW2