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Feed Him!

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Q: On Club Penguin how do you higher the energy level for your puffle?
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How do you open the locked on the cave on club penguin?

On puffle rescue pick the black puffle .When you get to the level with a squid follow it.

Where is the coin bag on puffle rescue level 1 in the caves in club penguin?

There are invisible tiles

Where is the black puffle pin in club penguin?

The black puffle is in a game...sadly only for members. The game is called Puffle Rescue.Non-members can do one level,members two.

Where do you find a rainbow puffle on club penguin?

You need a puffle, then take the puffle and you have to beat the last level in puffle launch with all the puffle o's, then you take your puffle to the recycling unit and it should change colors right before your eyes!

Where do a runaway brown puffle go?

If a brown puffle runs away, it goes back to its secret hideout in the cave. It then gets a little depressed, talks about it with his puffle buddies, then waits for another penguin for it to get adopted. If you don't want to waste 800 coins over and over again, then feed your puffle, give it toys to play with, and make sure its energy level is up.

What games can you play with a puffle on Club Penguin?

To play games with your puffles, you need to know what your puffle likes. So, if you play Catchin' Waves, while walking the red puffle, the red puffle will surf with you, doing it's own tricks. But, if you do the survival level in Catchin' Waves, the red puffle will get scared and stay on the beach.

Where is the key for the door in the hidden lake on club penguin?

Play puffle rescue on the black puffles and find the key on the first level

How do you get to puffle launch in club penguin?

Just simply rescue all the puffles in each level until you rescue 30 puffles.

Where is the key to puffle rescue on Club Penguin?

On the first level, get to the black puffle and then follow the shadow of the giant squid. Use the bubbles to float back up. Once you are at the end, follow the maze to the stairs.

How many missions are there till you get the key in puffle rescue on club penguin?

one on the first level of black puffle get the puffle but DON'T take him back to the spot you wait till a big shadow apears then follow the shadow but stay in the bubbles it leaves behind

How many levels are on puffle rescue on club penguin?

There are unlimited levels but the levels will just repeat them selves after level 9 but the levels will get faster!

What game on Club Penguin do you see the White Puffle?

You can see the White Puffle in the Puffle Shop. Click the door that says 'Employees Only' and you will be playing 'Puffle Round Up'. At a certain level in the game, you can see the White Puffle.