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the highest power is explosion, the power is 250, but it makes you faint. I recommend using meanlook, and than perish song, and on the third turn, you switch Pokemon, and the other Pokemon will faint.

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Q: Most powerfullest move in the Pokemon game?
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Is flare blitz the powerfullest move on Pokemon?

For me it is Fissure because it is an instant-faint move if it hits

What is the best grass Pokemon on pearl?

Torterra is the strongest Grass Pokemon in Diamona and Pearl.

Can you rename a move on a Pokemon game?


How do you move Pokemon from box1 to box2 in Pokemon emerald?

Turn any PC (in game) go to Pokemon storage go to move Pokemon select your Pokemon select move Pokemon move cursor to Box 1 press right

Is Pokemon Whirpool the same as Pokemon Platinum?

Whirlpool is a move in pokemon. It's not a game.

Why does your Pokemon randomly return in midbattle in Pokemon White?

Most likely an enemy used a pokemon switching move. That or your game is glitching. Does it switch it with another pokemon? Does the enemy use a move like whirlwind or gust? If you answer these questions on my message board I can help more.

How can you remove the Pokemon move in the online game Pokemon lake?

nopeyou cant

In Pokemon what is a tutored move?

A tutored move is a specific list that other people in the game can teach your pokemon,they arent really special or amazing but they can be usefull::)

How do you move all your Pokemon to another game?

by trade

Where is tackle in Pokemon Pearl?

Tackle is not a TM or HM move. It's an early game move that many Pokemon know from the start.

Where do you get flare blitz in Pokemon FireRed?

you cant get that move in that game

How do you make a Pokemon forget an hm in Pokemon emerald?

move deleter in lilycve (end of game)