MY wii wont turn on

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Is it plugged in properly

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Q: MY wii wont turn on
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Every time i turn my Wii off the button turns red but then i checked next time it wasnt colored and it wont turn on what should i do?

Plug it in at the wall and turn it on at the power point.

How do you fix a Wii that wont play cds?

Wii doesn't play CDs.

Are there any halo games for the Wii?

No. their wont be.

How do you turn on the blue Wii light?

You cannot turn on the blue wii light it turns on by itself when there is a new letter in your wii mailbox.

What game's will not update the Wii?

my fifa 11 wont update but it might update on another wii

What is wrong with your Nintendo Wii if it wont turn on even if its plugged in?

same thing happened to me but like a week ago the power went out and i think it could be a power spike?

Will Call of Duty 6 have zombies on the wii?

call of duty 6 wont be out on wii sorry., hth

Why does a Wii's light eventually turn yellow instead of red?

If you have a wii charger, yes, it does turn yellow

Why wont your wii come up on your tv?

okay maybe your wii is jacked up, that is number 1 second maybe you didnt plug it in third maybe you did but your plug or the multiple plug plugging thingie is not on, if it is not and you might have to try to turn on the switch but if it doesn't light, you may have to turn on a switch that maybe activates the multiple plug socket or the plug socket. if it doesn't work then it is number one your wii is jacked up.

How do you name your Wii?

turn it on!

How do you turn on the Wii?

the on button

Will a German Wii play American games?

no it wont , but you can get it chipped then it will