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my fifa 11 wont update but it might update on another wii

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Q: What game's will not update the Wii?
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How do you update the Wii U for the Wii games?

First, select system settings on the Wii U menu. Then, scroll to the 'system update' button and select it.

Is there anyway to update the Super NES to play WII games?

No unfortunatly there is no way to update it and play Wii games with that system. The wireless controlers work to differently from the hardware of the old system.

How could I update your Wii v4.0 to v4.1?

go to Wii system update and update it there.

How do you update your Wii?

Go to the settings menu and scroll to " Update Wii " and if you are connected to the Internet , it will update it .

Ho to update the flash on a Wii?

The Wii can't update flash.

Do you need to upgrade your Wii to play new games like COD4Reflex?

if you buy a new game, the wii will update upon insertion of the game.

Will your Wii brick if you update it?

Well it shouldn't brick your wii if you're doing the official update. Maybe if you shut the wii off during the update, but the update should just overwrite your previous update, or the homebrew channel if you have that installed depending on the version you're updating to.

How do you update Wii?

Go into wii options (bottom left of the home menu) and somewhere in there you will be able to update it (not sure where, but it's quite easy to find your way round). Usually, when there is an update, you will get a message in the wii messaging system bit (bottom right) saying so. To update your wii, it must be connected to the internet.

Can my wii be repaired My son tried to jailbreak it or something and it can't update or get apps We can play games and use netflix because we already had the app installed?

Yes. You wii can be repaired so that you can be able to update or get apps even though your son tried to jailbreak it.

UK wii but you are relocating to the US Will your Wii work there a with games you already own UK b with games you purchase in the US?

US games don't work with UK Wii consoles. Unless you use Freeloader then it's impossible. And if you do use Freeloader then you won't be able to update your Wii or it will stop working (The Freeloader). Hope this helped, and have a good life in the US :D

Can you update your Wii without internet?


Why wont your new Wii game work?

Most likely you either put the disc in around the wrong way or you need to update your Wii firmware. In the latter case, just update it. It doesn't need an Internet connection. I had to update for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword last week.The region on the game has to match the regional version of your Wii, but unless you buy games from shopping websites this isn't an issue.