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you might have an everstone attached. oh wait..... if you caught him or her at that level, then you just need to level it up 1 or 2 levels.

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Q: Level 35 Bagon why didn't it evolve?
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What level would bagon evolve if it's level 35?

bagon will just evolve into shelgon

Can a level 35 Bagon evolve into salamence?

No. Bagon evoles into Shelgon at 30 and Shelgon evolves into Salamence at 50.

What if you catch him at level 35 what level does bagon evolve into shalgon?

If you just level it up one then it will evolve. Then level it up to level 50 for a salemence.

What level does bagon evolve in Pokemon ruby version?

the last answer that the guy put up is wrong... -.- ....bagon if you catch it at lv 30 will evolve at lv either 32 or 35...if you catch it at lv 35 raise it one level and it will evolve....on the other hand he was partialy right if he had a everstone on his bagon to keep it from evolveing till lv suggestion is keep everstone on your bagon till lv 49 and bagon will learn dragon claw

Why is your level 30 Bagon still a Bagon and not a Shelgon?

It evolves at lv 35

Is there a trainer in sapphire with a vibrava?

yes in victory road there is a dragon master with vibrava and bagon, either that if your lazy to find him just evolve a traponch at level 35 :)

How do you get durumaka to evolve in Pokemon White?

Get Darumaka to Level 35 in order to evolve it into Darmanitan.

In what level does Swablu evolve in Pokemon Sapphire?

Swablu will evolve at level 35 into Altaria.

What level does plapitoad evolve?

plapitoad evolve into seismitoad at level 35

What level does starapter evolve?

level 35

What level does daramuka evolve?

Level 35

How do you evolve swablu in emerald?

At level 35 it will evolve