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Yes, it is called Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force, it is a real game for the Nintendo DS and it was released on November 25, 2008 in the United States of America, it was released in different times in other countries.

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Q: Is there really a Club Penguin Nintendo DS Game?
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Is there a Nintendo ds game called Club Penguin?

Yes,In fact I have it it is called Club Penguin force.

Can you play Club Penguin on a PSP?

No. You can only play Club Penguin online or on Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force for the Nintendo DS.

How do you get the herbert mission on club penguin?

well you need the club penguin Nintendo game to unlock some missions and some will just be there.

When is the club penguin game for Nintendo DS lite coming out?

if you look up club penguin on nintendo.ds game on picturesit will come up i cant wait for it

Is there a mission 11 on Club Penguin?

Yes, there is. You need to have Penguin Elite Force game on your Nintendo DS.

Where is the red puffle on Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force on Nintendo?

You get it later in the game from "dot" at the stage.

Where do you find herbets revenge on club penguin?

Herbert's Revenge is a Nintendo DS game, so it's not on the website for Club Penguin at all

Is there a money cheat on Club Penguin?

On Ds there are no cheats for Club Penguin, assuming your talking about Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force for the Nintendo DS. But on the computer you can go to penguin storm ten(untill 1st feb, after 1st feb it will be penguin storm 11. as i have heard) welll this is game is really bad becaus i have got it

More games like club penguin?

there is a game called horse isle, its a game where you are a person, and you get horses and do quests for people to earn money, things like that, its really fun! Well, there is a club penguin ds game. its soooooo much fun! you can buy clothes for your penguin (in the game), and upload coins into your penguin on the computer by Nintendo wi-fi!

When will the Nintendo DS game Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force be released in England?

It will be out next year in all toy and gaming stores in the UK or if you cant wait you can order online which is probally the best way to do it if you really love Club Penguin!

How can you go on Club Penguin on Nintendo DSi?

i have a dsi and a ds.They told me to you buy the game and then if you scrole down it will show you a picture of a blue club penguin.

Where to play Herbert revenge on club penguin?

you cant play it on have to have a Nintendo and buy the Nintendo game herberts revenge