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No there is no way to transfer things on cp i know that is wat sucks about cp but here is my enemies account i hate her now so you can ban her forever i dont give.

username: adriax3210

password: lovess

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Q: Is there any way to transfer items from one account to another account on clubpenguin?
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In clubpenguin elite penguin force can you transfer items like clothes to your online account?

No, you cannot transfer clothing items. But you can transfer coins!

How do you move your miniplanet items to another account?

You cant unless you have someone you trust to transfer it to that account Hope this was useful

How can you transfer full zammy from your main to your lower lvl account?

Since it's against the rules to transfer items from one of your acounts to another, we can't answer this question.

Can you transfer your elite penguin force stuff to your club penguin account?

You can transfer coins to your online account, but you can't transfer items.

How do you transfer items from club penguin ds to your Club Penguin account?

You can't transfer items, only coins.

How You do you transfer your fantage items from one account to another?

I'm a very experienced Fantage player and as far as I know, you can't. If they had that then everyone would ask for items, ecoins, and such.

How do you get rare items on clubpenguin?

Rare items on clubpenguin are old items so if you have any old items put those on and they would be considered rare From the Clubpenguin penguin zeldakid

Can you have 2 accounts on RuneScape?

Yes, you can have several accounts. You should use only one account at a time, and the accounts should not interact with one another; for example, you may not transfer items from one account to another.

How do you get rare clubpenguin items?

you cant!!!!! you cant unless you had your penguin account since clubpenguin opened BTW my penguins name is Clippy59014 if you see me be sure to stop by and say hi Waddle On!!!!!

Does clubpenguin still sell rare items?

Yes, Clubpenguin still does sell rare items.

Why won't some of the items from Club Penguin EPF Herbert's Revenge transfer to your account even when you have earned them all?

I think you can only transfer coins. If not, you might have to transfer items again.

Why do you sign on in clubpenguin?

So you get all your items and everything from the previous time you were on Clubpenguin.