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No, you cannot transfer clothing items. But you can transfer coins!

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Q: In clubpenguin elite penguin force can you transfer items like clothes to your online account?
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How do you transfer clothes to one penguin to another?

You can't. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to transfer clothes from a penguin to another penguin. This is part of the game: ClubPenguin, which is now owned by Disney

How do you get free clothes in clubpenguin?

You get clothes for free in club penguin by events.

How do you destroy a clubpenguin account?

Band your penguin

How do you transfer coins from penguin to penguin on Club Penguin?

you need wifi connection goe to

How do you delete your clubpenguin name?

You can not delete your penguin name. If you think your penguin name might be reported or you do not like your penguin name then start a new clubpenguin account

Who made the rule that you have to be a member to buy clothes on clubpenguin?

Club penguin did.

Can anyone let me have there club penguin account?

People Have privacy if you need an account log on clubpenguin . do not just beg for some clubpenguin accounts

Can you transfer your elite penguin force stuff to your club penguin account?

You can transfer coins to your online account, but you can't transfer items.

How do you transfer money from a non-member to a memeber on club penguin?

You can't transfer anything on clubpenguin, sorry =(

How do you transfer your coins onto your account from your ds to clubpenguin online?

you use your wifi connection when you buy the game there will be a wifi booklet to help you -leates, club penguin support

How do you mange your account in clubpenguin for your penguin?

Easy, log on to club penguin click the question mark on the tool bar and click manage account.

How do you activate a stolen club penguin card?

How to Activate a clubpenguin parant Account