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yes there will be . Its called just halo 4. It will be realeased sometime between haloween and Christmas of 2012

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Q: Is there another halo game coming out?
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Is halo 4 the game coming out?

halo 4 is coming out and check on youtube or ign for more information

What is bungie's next series coming out?

after halo reach, bungie will not be creating another halo title, although there may be another company to make a different halo game (like halo wars)

When is halo 4 the game coming out?

There isn't going to be a Halo 4. Halo wars is coming out and I heard somewhere about a game called Halo 3 Recon.

When is the new halo game coming out?

Halo ODST is coming out September 22 2009 (i believe)and Halo reach is coming out fall 2010

Will there be another halo game after Halo 3 not necessarily Halo 4 following the open ending to Halo 3 I already know Halo 3 Recon I'm not talking about that annother one following the storyline?

Bungie announced at E3 that there will be a new game called Halo: Reach, and it will be coming out in 2010.

Is there a new halo game coming soon?

not really "soon", but there will be a new game coming out.

Will there be another halo after reach yes when?

There will not be another Halo game after Reach.

When in 2009 is halo 4 coming out?

Halo 4 won't come out, get it in your heads. Only Halo 3: Odst is coming out on 2009. Halo 3 is last of the Full game halo (series)

Will another halo game?

yes, halo 4

Is there another halo game?

yes halo reach

Is there another halo game after reach?

Yes, Halo 4 is coming out soon and they have a script ready for Halo 6 already, I heard

Is halo 4 coming out for PS3?

No the game will not be released in a PS3 version of Halo 4