Will Bungi make another halo game?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Unfortunately no, bungie announced that Reach would be the last game they make in the Halo series

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Q: Will Bungi make another halo game?
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Will they make halo for ds?

No, because bungi is part of Microsoft not Nintendo

Will another halo game come out?

Yes. 343 Industries will make Halo 4.

Why can't bungie make more halo games?

They are currently working on something like halo wars, but not halo, called aerospace. It sucks right? And 343 industries, who helped make the halo games, is actually in charge of making another halo game, so there is a chance they will make another halo game. :D

Why is halo ending?

Every Video Game has to end. Bungie has made the last halo. Not the last Halo Game. Bungie has given the Halo Franchise over to 343 Studios. They have said they MIGHT make another Halo Game.

What is bungie's next series coming out?

after halo reach, bungie will not be creating another halo title, although there may be another company to make a different halo game (like halo wars)

Will master chief in halo have another game?

Yes, it is possible, but not confirmed. Bungie is making another game called aerospace, i don't know why, but 343 industries, who helped make ALL of the halo games, is now in charge of making halo games.

Are they going to make another halo game after halo reach?

Yeah. Bungie is done making Halo games but Microsoft is making Halo 4 and a remake of the first halo which will come out in November I think.

Will bungie make another halo game with master chief with him on the new planet?

They might . . . it IS before Halo 1. But he died in Halo 3. I think they might put him in a game on Reach, but It's not so likely.

Is 343 studos going to make a halo game?

The only answer is that it is very likely. Halo Reach will be the last Halo game made by Bungie, but Microsoft (owners of 343 Studios), will undoubtably make another just to squeeze the Halo franchise's fans for even more money before the series dies.

Is there going to be anthor halo after halo reach?

What i heard is that infinity ward made Bungie sign a contract saying Bungie cant make anymore halo games after halo reach, unless they make the next halo game for every game console not only the Xbox 360. I also just recently checked the Bungie website and looked that they were now hiring people for PS3, so they might make another halo game for every console. Another thing that i heard was that SaberINteractive was making a Halo Combat Evolved Remake. But overall you still never know.

Is there another game after reach?

Bungie is working on some other stupid game called aerospace, but a company that helped make ALL the halo games is in charge of halo now. So maybe.

Will 343 industries make a new halo game?

halo reach is the last halo game unless they change their minds