Are they going to make another Halo game?

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2009-04-02 06:54:08

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Yes they are, One more Halo game will be realesied on the XBOX 360, Known as halo wars, it will be a RTS (real time stradgey) apose to the FPS (first pesron shooter) games they made before. but it will still be enjoyable

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2009-04-02 06:54:08
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Q: Are they going to make another Halo game?
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Is bungie going to make another halo game?

Bungie Won't Be Making Another One , But 343 Studios will Make One More To End The Halo Series

Are they going to make a Lego halo game?


Are they going to make another halo game after halo reach?

Yeah. Bungie is done making Halo games but Microsoft is making Halo 4 and a remake of the first halo which will come out in November I think.

Are they going to make a halo after ODST?

Yes they are. The newest game that is coming is Halo: Reach.

Will Bungi make another halo game?

Unfortunately no, bungie announced that Reach would be the last game they make in the Halo series

Will another halo game come out?

Yes. 343 Industries will make Halo 4.

Is there really going to be a LEGO halo game?

No, Lego doesn't even make halo products.

Is 343 studos going to make a halo game?

The only answer is that it is very likely. Halo Reach will be the last Halo game made by Bungie, but Microsoft (owners of 343 Studios), will undoubtably make another just to squeeze the Halo franchise's fans for even more money before the series dies.

Why can't bungie make more halo games?

They are currently working on something like halo wars, but not halo, called aerospace. It sucks right? And 343 industries, who helped make the halo games, is actually in charge of making another halo game, so there is a chance they will make another halo game. :D

Is Microsoft going to make another halo after 4?

....................................try destiny

Why is halo ending?

Every Video Game has to end. Bungie has made the last halo. Not the last Halo Game. Bungie has given the Halo Franchise over to 343 Studios. They have said they MIGHT make another Halo Game.

Is there a Halo Movie based on the video game coming out?

they were going to make one but they made halo reach instead

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