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Xbox Wireless Network Adapter MN740

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Q: Is there an wireless adapter for the original Xbox?
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Can you use the original Xbox wireless adapter for the Xbox 360?

yes you can

Does the Xbox 360 adapter?

Xbox 360 adapter? You can get a Xbox 360 wireless adapter.

Xbox 360 wireless adapter does what?

The adapter connects you to Xbox Live but only if you have a wireless network and if you have a Xbox Live subscription.

How do you get internet for xbox 360 without the wireless adapter?

you buy the wireless adapter

Where can one purchase an original Xbox 360 wireless adaptor?

The original Xbox 360 wireless adapter may be purchased from several retailers, including Gamestop and Walmart. Microsoft does not offer the adapter for sale but has webpages and forums dedicated to support for the accessory.

What do you need for a xbox wireless adapter?

You will need the Xbox wireless adapter, an installation disc, and an Xbox. Install the software onto the machine and plug the adapter into the USD port to install.

Do you need a wireless adapter for the Xbox 360 elite?

No, if you want Xbox Live and you cant reach the ethernet cable from the Xbox to the Adapter then yes, you would need a wireless adapter.

How do you get Xbox live for Xbox original wireless?

the origanll xbox servers have benn shutdown.. but you would buy a old xbox wireless adapter that are no longer sold since the nex xbox360 s consoles are out

Does an Xbox 360 wireless adapter work with all Xbox 360 elite?

I Have A Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter And I Use It On My Xbox 360 Elite It Works Fine

Will the original Xbox wireless adapter work on an Xbox 360?

i think so i saw it on youtube and it aparently worked so yes.

Does Xbox 360 work with computer usb wireless adapter?

no. you have to buy the xbox 360 wireless adapter. unless you mod the consle

What do you need to have xbox 360 live?

internet a wired adapter (comes with xbox 360) or wireless adapter (I like wireless) electricity

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