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There really isn't ANY strategies to catching a Pokemon. Like most legendaries, it's catch rate is 3, which is the random number on how easy it is to cath a pokemon, basically (3 being the hardest for Pokemon like Giratina and the Regis, and 255 being the easiest for Pokemon like Caterpie and Zigzagoon). For a list of Pokemon by Catch rate (which is quite helpful if you know what is!), go to this link: Anyways, the best way to catch Regirock is to just battle away at it's HP, until its on the red. Use ultra balls and dusk balls. Status problems help too, but try not to inflict burn or poison, because if it's HP is on the red, then poison or burn could knock it out. And, like all legendary fights you should always SAVE before hand, because you could knock it out by accident and then that's your chance GONE!!! Good luck

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Q: Is there a stratigie to catch Regirock?
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Where to catch regice regirock registeel?

to catch regirock u go 6 down 9 left and 39 up

How do you catch regirock in FireRed?

You can't.

Where is regirock in diamond?

In Diamond you can't catch Regirock, you have to migrate it from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald.

How do you catch regirock in Pokemon platinum?

You will find Regirock at rock peak ruins route 228.

Can you catch the regirock and registeel even if you beat them?


How do you catch regirock on platinum?

they have videos on youyube of how to do it

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Where to catch regirock in Pokemon HeartGold?

Regirock cannot be caught or found in Pokémon HeartGold.

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How do you catch regirock in diamond?

how the hell do i know!? :D

How do you catch regirock in Pokemon firered?

sorry, you cant...