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No, in psp or gamecube the answer is no. For the others, it's unknown.

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Q: Is there a story mode for sims2 pets?
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Can you have a baby in story mode on sims2 for ps2?


Do you have to be in story mode to get your sims pregnant on sims2 for psp2?

Yes you have to be in story mode to get your sim pregant.

What game is better sims2 pets or sims2 apartment pets?

the best is sims2seasons

Can your pets have babies on the sims2 pets nds?

Actually, In the Sims2 you don't even have pets so the answer of the question is No!

How do you get hamsters and guinea pigs on the sims2 pets?

You can buy a guinea pig from the: built/buy mode -> object catalogue -> pet supplies.

What expansion pack for Sims2 do you have to have in order to make a werewolf?

Sims2 Pets

Can you adopt pets on sims2 apartment pets?

no u can not

Is there a story mode on sims 2 pets ps2?


What is the cheat for two story houses on sims2 pets ps2?

you cant the only game you can build 2 story houses on is the PC sims sorry

Do you have jobs on sims2 pets?


Are there kids on the sims2 pets for ps2?


What are cheat codes for sims2 pets?

Well i only know sims2 pets cheats for the PC and ps2. Here is a web site that shows you the cheats:, just type in 'sims2 pets cheats' and it will come up with it. If this is not what you wanted then sorry.