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you cant only in PC version but the sims 2 pets in the ps2 dog and cats can have :)

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Q: Can and how do you have babies in the Sims 2 PlayStation 2 story mode?
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How do you have babies on freeplay sims 2 ps2?

Yes,You CAN have baby's on freeplay but Story Mode you CANT. Please tell me how!

Do you have to be in story mode to get your sims pregnant on sims2 for psp2?

Yes you have to be in story mode to get your sim pregant.

How do you buy a pool in sims 2 on Playstation 2?

Go to building mode, pool, then the pool

Is there a story mode on sims 2 pets ps2?


Where do you find the bookcase in The Sims 2 for PlayStation 2?

go to buy mode and go under skill mode there is one for 250 money

How do yo unlock Hinata and Gaara in Naruto Ultimate Ninja for Playstation 2?

Play Hinata's story and Gaara's story on story mode. Play Hinata's story and Gaara's story on story mode.

Can sims get married on the sims castaway?

If you are playing the Sims 2 Castaway for PC then you can get married in freeplay and at the end of the story mode. You can't for the other versions.

Can you select to be Zurg in Toy Story toy box mode?

Only in the PlayStation 3 version of Toy Story 3

Can you go any where than your house on sims 2 ps2?

if you play in sims mode then yeah there are two modes, one is freeplay (you can't go anywhere) one is sims story mode(you can visit different locations)

Is The Sims pet stories The Sims 2?

Basically, yes. NOTE: You can use normal cheats on the Sims Pet Stories, however not in story mode itself.

Why the hell are people in your house on sims castaway stories?

It's a glitch if it's in freeplay mode. If in story mode it's part of the story..and I believe they leave eventually.

How do you choose your character on batman arkham asylum?

you can't choose your person in story mode, but you can download joker from the playstation network to play with in challenge mode