Is there a shiny Arceus

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A shiny Arceus does exist in the game's coding however it is not possible to legitimately obtain it since Arceus' event item was never released. Arceus is not the only Legendary that you cannot get as a shiny as most new legendary Pokemon in recent games are coded to never appear as a shiny. Even though they won't appear as a shiny they still have the data for it to prevent glitches in the game's system.

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Q: Is there a shiny Arceus
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Is Arceus shiny on Pokemon platnium?

No but if you try hard enough you can get a shiny arceus.

How do you get gold Arceus in Pokemon pearl?

"Gold Arceus is Shiny Arceus. It is EXTREMELY rare to get a Shiny Arceus. It is rare to get a Shiny Starly by comparison." i think our little friend was was refering to A.R.

Is there a dark Arceus action replay code?

No,but their is a way to get shiny arceus

If you had a shiny Arceus could you activate the arceus event on HG SS?

yes you can

How do you get a shiny arceus without going to the event?

Shiny Arceus is impossible to obtain without participating an event or using a cheating device, for it is shiny-locked. Shiny locking prevents certain Pokemon to have the shiny PID, and a legendary being shiny (like Celebi, Mew, and Keldeo) isn't legal.

What is the fairest trade for an shiny Arceus?


Can you get a shiny Arceus?

u can with an Action Replay

Can arceus shiny form win against arceus shiny form?

Yes it can, they have an equal chance on winning depending on the moveset and item/plate they're holding.

How rare is a shiny mew?

it is the rarest shiny ever in history only one even close to that is shiny arceus

Can Arceus be shiny?

Yes, there were many events giving them away. The parts of a normal Arceus that are white turn yellow in the shiny form. This is true no matter what plate it holds.

How can you get 100 shiny Arceus without capturing them action replay cheat?

get one arceus and clone them or you cant. get one arceus and clone them or you cant.

What are the letters and numbers for the Arceus code on the DS action repaly for Pokemon diamond version for DS?

What Do you want? Azure flute to get arceus or arceus (can be shiny)?