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Q: Is there a fresh food beginning with x?
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What are German foods beginning with X?

There are no German foods beginning with the letter X (Xereswein (sherry) is not really a food)For a list of German words beginning with X, please see the related question.

When something is not fresh what is that called?

Maybe stale or just 'non-fresh' or even 'food that isn't fresh'. For example, this food was stale OR this food isn't fresh OR this is non-fresh food

How is packaged food different to fresh food?

pakaged food has packaging and fresh does not

What is the collective noun for fresh food?

There is not standard collective noun for 'fresh food', in which case any noun that suits the situation can function as a collective noun; for example, a basket of fresh food, a market of fresh food, a buffet of fresh food.

A word like a fresh start?


Why is dried food better than fresh food to take on earth?

because fresh food means it is taking in water and dried food isn't but i would still perfure fresh food

Which is better for you canned or fresh food?

Many people prefer fresh food from the supermarket but canned food is good too. I would say fresh food is more healthy.

Why is fresh food better for you than frozen food?

Fresh food still contains the majority of Vitamins.

Food beginning with z?

Well the food beginning with 'z' is hmm...

What is the synonym for a new beginning?

new start, fresh start/beginning, start from scratch, rebirth

What food is only sold fresh?

Honey is the only fresh food and NEVER GOES OFF !!

Can saltwater fish eat fresh water flake food?

no saltwtr fish eat saltwtr food tropical fish eat tropical food fresh watr fish eat fresh watr food