Is there a club for Pokemon fans?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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NUOGC = Nerds United Over Gay Cartoons

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Q: Is there a club for Pokemon fans?
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What is the Pokemon trainers club?

just a trainer club where fans hang out

How do you get more fans from the Pokemon fan club on Pokemon emerald GBA?

Link and battle with every pokenerd you know and you must get more fans by winning the battles.

How many ajith fans club in Tamil nadu?

Thala have morethen 85000 fans club, each fans club have 40 member.

How many fans clubs does vijay have?

Vijay have 78000 registered fans club in south india, Ajith have 72000 fans club and Rajini have 68000 fans club in south india.

On club penguine the video game on ds do you have to pay?

Yes, to buy it, but I'm not sure about membership....PokeMon fans unite!

What does ya llego tu club de fans mean?

Your club of fans has arrived

Is Liverpool football club the club with highest number of fans in the world?

Manchester united has the maximum fans worldwide

For Pokemon fans is platinum a good game?

yes its an awesome game for Pokemon fans

Is real Madrid football club the club highest number of fans in the world?

No I believe it is Manchester United at just over 75million fans.

Is the Pokemon raptail real?

Raptail is a fake Pokemon created by fans. Creating fake Pokemon is a popular hobby and pastime for young digital artists who are fans of Pokemon.

How many Pokemon fans are there in the world?

You cant count millions of people! Theres like zillions of POKEMON fans!

Where is the Pokemon fan club in Pokemon Blue?

The Pokemon Fan Club is in Vermilion City.