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at the Pokemon fan club house in vermilion.

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Q: Where is the pokedoll of copycat in Pokemon Crystal?
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How do you get a pass for the magnet train in Pokemon crystal?

You talk to the copycat girl in the city with the magnet train in Johto and bring her her pokedoll from viridian in Kanto

How do you get the magnet train pass in Pokemon Crystal?

you get from th copycat girl in Saffron city. you need to go to vermillion after talking to her to get the pokedoll from the guy in the Pokemon fanclub building (not the old man). give the doll back to copycat girl and she will give it to you

What do you do in copycat's house in Pokemon FireRed?

Buy a pokedoll for her in the super mart, and she will teach one of your Pokemon mimic

Where can you find a pokedoll in Pokemon Red?

You can get one from Copycat in Saffron City or buy one at the Celadon department store.

Who is Copycat in Pokemon?

Copycat is a NPC in Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal. FireRed, LeafGreem, HeartGold, and SoulSilver. Sives in Saffron City, collects Pokemon Dolls, and likes to dress up as and mimic others. Copycat is not her real name, but a nickname. In Red, Blue, Yellow, FireRed, and LeafGreen if you give her a Celfairy Pokedoll she will teach your Pokemon Mimic. In Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver she has lost said doll and if you find it she will, in return, give you a Magnet Train Ticket.

How do you give a pokedoll to Copycat?

go to vermillion city. Go to the place where you received bike voucher in r/b/y versions and talk to the fat man next to pokedoll. Then take pokedoll back to copycat to get rail pass.

How do you get a PokeDoll in Pokemon HeartGold?

you have to talk to copycat in Saffron city diagonal from the magnet train and then after you talk to copycat go to or fly to Vermilion city and then talk to the guy at the desk in the pokefan club and he will give you the pokedoll

Where is copycat in Pokemon Crystal?

one of the houses in saffron city

Where does the copycat live in Pokemon Crystal?

Saffaron atown (Kanto)

Where is the copycat Pokemon Yellow?

In the upper left hand conner of saffron city.And also,if you give her a pokedoll,you will give you the TM 31 aka mimic.

Where do you find copycats doll in Pokemon Crystal?

Go into vermillion city, then go to the house with the person who talks to you about rahpidash and gives u a rarecandy, and sitting near that guy is a person with a clefariy pokedoll talk to him, after u have talken to copycat, and he will give u the doll.

Where do you get a magnet train pass on Pokemon soul silver?

You have to go to Saffron City in Kanto (the city with the Poison type Gym) and speak to Copycat, who lives in a small pink house two alleyways up from the Pokemon Centre. Speak to her in her room and she will do a copy of you, telling you that she lost her Clefairy PokeDoll and she lost it in Vermillion City. Go to Vermillion City and go to the Pokemon Fan Club. Speak to the man sitting at the table (the one with the Clefairy statue and now the Clefairy PokeDoll). You tell him about Copycat and he is upset that he made her sad. You obtain the PokeDoll and now you have to Fly back to Saffron City. Go and talk to Copycat. She will thank you and you will be rewarded with the Magnet Train Pass.