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Mostly but the deck is not heat treated.

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Q: Is the derailed deck the same as a phoenix deck?
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Is a Phoenix scooter deck the best deck in the world?

in my opinion the original phoenix is one of the best.

Do the madd gear krunk batwing bars fit the phoenix deck?

the pheonix integrated deck

What cards are in Aster Phoenix deck?

destiny heros

What is the headline of warriors strike deck?

phoenix gear fried

What is the best scooter deck for pro freesyle scootering?


What are aster phoenix's deck list?

destiny hero cards

When was Derailed released?

Derailed was released on 11/11/2005.

What was the Production Budget for Derailed?

The Production Budget for Derailed was $22,000,000.

What's All 40 of Aster Phoenix's cards?

Aster Phoenix uses a Destiny Hero deck. If you want to see exactly which cards he uses, go to and type Aster Phoenix in the search bar, then scroll down and you will see his full deck. :)

How much money did Derailed gross worldwide?

Derailed grossed $57,520,063 worldwide.

How much money did Derailed gross domestically?

Derailed grossed $36,020,063 in the domestic market.

Is a Phoenix scooter better than a lucky scooter?

The phoenix scooter is better than a lucky because the deck wont break as much.