What is Dragunity deck?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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the dragunity deck is a structure deck

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Q: What is Dragunity deck?
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Where can you get Yugioh 5ds structure deck dragunity legion?


Should I build a dragunity deck or a zombie deck?

That would depend on the sort of deck you'd want. If you want a deck which synchro summons a fair bit, and has a fair amount of swarming, then I'd go for dragunity, but if you prefer milling, then summoning from the grave, and not to keen on synchro summoning, go for zombie.

How do you stop a six samurai Yu-Gi-Oh deck?

use a dragunity deck (its always good against warrior)

Can you use some Dragunity cards in a Warrior deck?

Unfortunately, there are not many direct means Dragunity cards assisting a Warrior-type deck. The best combination of Dragunity and Warrior-type monsters would be in a WIND-Attribute deck since all the Dragunity cards are WIND. Goe Goe the GallantNinja, Lady Ninja Yae, Max Warrior, and Sasuke Samurai #2 are a few examples of WIND, Warrior-type monsters (Yae being the only one that directly supports WIND and Dragunity by discarding). This does not stop you from combining the two, but understand there the benefits are few.That being said, you can Normal Summon (or Special Summon) Dragunity Phalanx (who is a Tuner) then Special Summon Dragunity Arma Mystletainn from your hand by sending Phalanx to your Graveyard. Arma Mystletainn's effect will kick in and let you equip the Phalanx you just sent to the 'Grave. Use Phalanx's effect to Special Summon itself to your field and tune your Level 2 Phalanx with your Level 6 Arma Mystletainn to Synchro Summon Colossal Fighter; someone who is quite useful in a Warrior deck.

What is the best yu gi oh structure deck?

I reckon that the best structure deck is Dragunity Legion has it has a number of amazing combos that can get the best card in the deck out countless times and it is a good all rounder and it is a good dragon and winged beast deck

What should you buy to boost your Dragunity deck?

Hidden Arsenal 3 has plenty of good Dragunities, while Star Strike Blast has a particular card that combos well with Dragunities.

When does dragunity drive come out in America?

It comes out March 8 2011 in America. The English version is called Dragunity Legion.

Where can you buy masked LV 3 plus 5 plus 7?

you can get lv 3 and 5 in teh dragunity legion structure deck, and 7 in hidden arsenal 4 booster pack

What are the dragunity monsterrs special effects?

i used to run with dragunitys and they are very simple, you see you will have to get as many dragunitys on the field and use their affects to bring out even stronger dragunity monsterys WITHOUT having to tribute, ie: say you draw dragunity arma leyvatin, since he is a lv.7 monster you will need 2 tributes to summon him, BUT if you have another weaker dragunity monster on the field you can just remove from play 1 dragunity monster on your side of the field to summon him...

Can Evocator Chevalier activate Dragunity Aklys' effect when equipped in Yu-Gi-Oh?

If you have Dragunity Aklys equipped to Evocator Chevalier, and you send Dragunity Aklys to the graveyard to activate Evocator Chevalier's effect, then Dragunity Aklys' own effect will trigger, it will wait for the chain Evocator Chevalier's effect started to resolve, and start a new one afterwards.

What decks are better than Dragunity?

Watts may be better than Dragunity, since Watts can cause a lockdown and has effects that leave the opponent with almost no option.

I Need Help With E-HERO Deck.?

An E-hero deck needs support. I suggest Terra Firma and Neos Alias: TF is good with nice effects and NA counts as neos so you can pull of Neo Spacians, and has a good 1900 ATK for 4 stars. Overall, though, I prefer Dragunity.